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Bullet Break Cue Tip 11.5mm

The latest Break Tip from Kev Wheeler at Cue Prodigy designed to handle those power break shots and splitting the balls better than conventional tips.


Available in the following colours

Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, White.

These plastic break tips are fast becoming popular with UK pool players and used by many in Ultimate Pool.


Every tip comes with a separate pad that can be fit for an extra layer of protection between the tip and cue which can also help with adhesion (reducing the chance of the tip coming off during high impact striking) but fitting of the pad is optional.

Although these tips are hard by design, they do not need a lathe to be fitted. They can be fit the conventional way by hand with a sharp blade and sanding the same way you would fit conventional tips.

Please Note - Price shown is for 1 x Bullet Break Tip, 1 x Pad and 1 x Tub. There is no difference in grade/feel between any of the colours available.

Bullet Break Tip 11.5mm

VAT Included |
Colour Combination
  • £3.95

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