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Pong Classic One Piece Cue No.808

Hand-spliced ash cue with ebony butt. Teak wood front splice with a thick red veneer.

Pong Cues are one of our trusted Thai cue makers who we’ve worked with since we opened in 2017. Their shafts are generally more stiff than whippy & with the wide range of exotic woods & veneers available they produce amazing bespoke cues for us every time. All our Pong Cues take ‘Small Spiralock’ extensions.

Length: 57.25"

Tip: 9.3mm

Weight: 17.4oz

Butt Diameter: 29.7mm

If we don’t have the exact specs and design you’re looking for you can order your very own custom made pong cue to arrive with our next order. For only a £50 deposit you can pick your cue design, length, tip size, weight and butt diameter. Cues start from £260. 3-6 Months wait time from order placed to arrival in store.

Pong Classic Cue No.808 One Piece 57.25” Handmade Snooker Cue

VAT Included |
  • £18.95

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