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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to book an appointment to visit the store?
A: No, you're welcome to visit any time we are open. 
Q: Do I need to book in for cue re-tipping?
A: No, just turn up and we can re-tip cues while you wait in store.
Q: Do you have a car park?
A: Yes, the building we are in is called Mantra House. There is a free car park for visitors at the rear of the building on Heber Street.
Q: Do you only ship in the UK?
A: No, you can contact us for an international shipping quote. 
Q: Do you offer part exchange on used cues?
A: No, we only buy/sell new cues. 
Q: Can you fix broken joints or splices?
A: No, we can replace ferrules, tips and refurb cues (re-grain, re-oil, re-finish)
Q: Can you re-cloth tables? or do you sell tables?
A: No, we are a retail store selling cues, cases and accessories.
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