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Aramith Billiard Ball Restorer

Remove the stubborn marks causing kicks (bad contacts) with the Aramith Ball Restorer ball cleaning fluid.

For best results finish the cleaning and polish with the Aramith Ball Cleaner to bring the balls back their natural shine.


Directions for use if cleaning by hand:

Shake the bottle well.

Apply a drop of Aramith Restorer upon the ball.

Rub well (with Micro-Fibre Cloth).

Apply a drop of Aramith Cleaner upon the ball.

Rub again (with the Micro-Fibre Cloth).

Make the ball shine with a dry Micro-fibre Cloth

Directions for use with Professional Ball Cleaning Machine:

Load balls into machine.

Shake Bottle Well.

Apply a small drop to each ball.

Run a spin cycle with Aramith Ball Restorer.

For best results follow this with a spin cycle using Aramith Ball Cleaner.

Important notice: The Aramith liquids are silicone free

* Please Note - Price is for a single 250ml unit

Aramith Ball Restorer 250ml Cleaning Fluid

VAT Included |
  • £3.95

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